Terms and Conditions

Champagne Club Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership of the club does not constitute a contract or commitment by you to purchase products offered by The Champagne Collection Limited
  2. Membership of The Champagne Club is free of charge. There is no joining fee or annual membership.
  3. By joining The Champagne Club at one of the offered membership levels, the customer agrees to pay the subscribed amount on a calendar monthly (12 payments per annum) basis by direct debit. These act as credits to the account.
  4. The Champagne Collection Limited operates its Direct Debit scheme using GOCARDLESS, a recognised financial organisation who provide services to business and consumers. GoCardless is a Bacs approved bureau and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution.
  5. Debits from the member’s account are represented by the value of bottles supplied each month in line with membership option chosen. The customer account is debited with the value of the bottles supplied. VAT is included in the debited amount which represents the gross sale value. These debits represent the sale of goods.
  6. Any monies paid by the member to The Champagne Collection Limited for the Champagne Club membership will remain in the ownership of the member until such time as debited by The Champagne Collection for goods supplied or until the account is closed.
  7. The Champagne Collection undertakes not to use any of the credits received from members for purposes above and beyond the remit of operating The Champagne Club.
  8. On receipt of the initial payment, the customer is then deemed a member of The Champagne Club and is entitled to the benefits commensurate with the level joined and subscription amount paid.
  9. All Champagne Club applicants must be aged 18 or over and normal delivery conditions apply to all orders placed or Champagne sent out to club members. By joining, you are confirming that you are 18 or older. It is illegal for us to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.
  10. All deliveries made to the provided addresses on the application form must be signed for.
  11. The remit of The Champagne Club is the supply of Champagnes and the associated benefits delivered against each level of membership.
  12. By joining the Champagne Club at any of the 3 membership options offered, the customer is obliged to receive the selected Champagne of the Month, or additional bottles supplied at the discretion of the Champagne Collection Limited
  13. Above and beyond receipt of the Champagne of the Month and additional bottles supplied, Champagne Club Members are not obliged to spend any of the remaining credit held in their account at any time.
  14. 14. The balance of the customer account can be withdrawn by the customer at any stage on written notice to The Champagne Collection.
  15. Refunds or credits by The Champagne Collection made in respect of club membership will only be made by bank transfer to the account holder of the member leaving the club. Cheques and cash will not be issued to anyone closing their membership.
  16. The Champagne Collection will not disclose details of its Champagne Club Members with any 3rd party, and undertakes to act within the regulations of the data protection act in respect of any customer information held on file. (Paper or Electronic)
  17. The customer reserves the right to cancel the direct debit at any time, at which club membership ceases.
  18. Champagne Club members will receive their Champagnes within 14 days of their direct debit crediting their account, but not less than 7 days
  19. Champagne Club membership and the benefits offered under the terms of each option cease on the day the direct debit ceases.
  20. Champagne Club members retain the right to return any products received which are damaged, in the original packaging. Evidence may be required to enable a refund.
  21. Champagne Club members can receive a VAT receipt for goods purchased as members of the club on request.
  22. The Champagne Collection Ltd reserves the right to cancel any membership without notice and refund the account balance to the customer.
  23. The Champagne Collection reserves the right to judge which Champagne is nominated as “Champagne Club Champagne of the Month” irrespective of value, and to select different Champagnes for each membership level if it so wishes.
  24. The Champagne Collection Ltd does not guarantee availability of any specific Champagne but will seek to honour all orders placed under its normal terms and conditions for availability.
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